Since I can remember, I have always loved capturing beautiful pictures and freezing moments in time. After moving to the Charlotte area several years ago, I finally had extra time in my life to focus on things I truly enjoy – photography and helping animals in need. So, I decided to combine my love of photography with my love of animals and started volunteering at a local animal rescue to take photographs of homeless pets looking for forever homes.

I became obsessed with learning everything about photography, and what began as a photography hobby turned into a passion! It’s then I realized a new adventure was calling for me. I enrolled in as many courses and workshops I could find and also started taking images for friends and their families. I fell in love with capturing great family moments - families interacting, kids being silly - and before I knew it, my small part time photography business was born.

My story is still developing as I continue to grow as a photographer and advance my skills. Pictures, to me, hold pieces of the past; they are something to be treasured. Whether of your family or beloved pet, beautiful images can live on for years and allow us to reminisce. I believe everyone should have the pleasure of owning photos of their precious moments.

I shoot on location and in natural light, and try to keep things super simple. My shooting style is a bit portrait and a bit lifestyle - not too much emphasis on posing and no props. I like to create casual posed images while trying to capture candid moments at the same time. Just families interacting, having fun, and making memories.

I am able to offer affordable photo sessions to people who want high-resolution, edited images of their family and pets to cherish.

Please take a look at my galleries and if you like what you see, contact me to discuss setting up a session.